The Panacea Mobile HLR Server allows you to perform real-time or batch number validation for your vSMSC and customers. A single HLR Lookup query for a mobile number (MSISDN) can tell you whether the number is currently active or inactive on the mobile network, if the number has been ported or not, the Mobile Country Code (MCC), the Mobile Network Code (MNC) and IMSI number.

Real-time Validation

Real-time HLR can be configured on selected customer accounts to pre-validate all SMS traffic and hold back messages that are sent to known invalid numbers. HLR Lookup queries are significantly cheaper than sending an SMS in most cases and so this helps to reduce the cost of sending SMSs by holding back messages to numbers that are known to be inactive.

Batch Validation

Resell your number validation service onto your customers who can upload and validate number batches using their customer accounts. This allows your customers to weed out inactive numbers from aging databases and send more cost efficient campaigns in the future.

Results Cache

All HLR lookup results can be cached on the vSMSC server for a configurable period, allowing numbers to be validated locally against the cache before querying the HLR gateway. This helps to avoid the cost of performing duplicate number validations in a short periods of time and maximises cost efficiency.

Multiple HLR Gateways Supported

The Panacea Mobile HLR Server is compatible with some of the most established HLR gateways. Please contact us for an updated list of supported gateways. Additional gateway support can also be commissioned if required.


€ 3,500 (+ € 100 per month)


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