Lowest price Bulk SMS service in South Africa

Posted by Panacea Mobile on February 8, 2013

A review of Bulk SMS prices in South Africa shows that Panacea Mobile offers the lowest price for Bulk SMS out of all service providers. In addition to that our customers also enjoyed an average SMS delivery rate of of 90% during 2012.

Bulk SMS Pricing Comparison

We’ve monitored the pricing advertised on the websites of various Bulk SMS providers in South Africa. Below is a table of current pricing advertised on each company’s website. The price indicated is a per SMS cost for the volume tiers.

SMS Service < 1k < 5k < 10k < 100k > 100k
Panacea Mobile R 0.24 R 0.23 R 0.22 R 0.21 R 0.19
BulkSMS.com R 0.40 R 0.35 R 0.33 R 0.25 -
SMSPortal R 0.29 R 0.28 R 0.27 R 0.24 R 0.20
Clickatell R 0.28 R 0.28 R 0.28 R 0.255 R 0.24
WinSMS R 0.32 R 0.30 R 0.28 R 0.25 R 0.22

Unmatched Quality & Delivery

In addition to having the lowest SMS pricing in the market our online SMS portal and API were available for 99.98% of 2012. Our average delivery for 2012 was 90% with some accounts even reaching a delivery of as high as 99% when using our Number Validation service.

We’re incredibly proud of the Panacea team for providing a consistently high quality service at the lowest price and thankful to our customers who continue to trust us to deliver their messages.

Notes: (1) Prices we’re recorded on the date of publishing and are subject to change without notice. (2) Some Bulk SMS services have multiple price tiers within the above volume columns, in this case the lowest price was shown. (3) BulkSMS.com advertises prices inclusive of VAT, the prices in the table above have had VAT deducted to show a fair comparison.


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