Cut costs with Number Validation

Posted by Deidre Vermaak on January 25, 2013

Sending SMS to inactive mobile numbers is a waste of money. Constant mobile number churn caused by customers replacing SIM cards, taking out new contracts and other factors means that over time your database of customer mobile contact numbers becomes less valid and you could be wasting money by sending SMSes that are guaranteed to fail.

If your customer mobile contact number database is more than 6 months old or your delivery rates are below 80%, this could be from mobile number churn among your customers.

Panacea Mobile provides a way to detect invalid numbers so that they can be removed from your database and you can save the cost of sending to numbers that are guaranteed to fail. In fact, some accounts that have made use of the Panacea Mobile number lookup service have achieved up to a 99% delivery rate. At only 9c per lookup, this can be significantly cheaper than the cost of sending an SMS to inactive numbers

For step by step instructions on how to do number validation click here.


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