Send bulk SMS worldwide at the lowest rates with Panacea Mobile. We deliver SMS to 819 mobile networks in 211 countries around the world.

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Sign into your Panacea Account and start sending SMS campaigns to your customer contact lists. Send Batch campaigns or send to contact lists and view replies, message reports and a whole lot more!

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Integrate your mobile, web or business apps to send and receive SMS using our high-volume APIs. Our entire user interface runs on our HTTP APIs which offers our users unprecedented flexibility when integrating.

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SMS Gateway API for sending SMS



 Delivery Reports

Get real-time Delivery Reports to confirm delivery of your messages. You can view and export the delivered and failed messages from every campaign you send or we can push Delivery Reports back to your app.

Receiving Delivery Reports

Set Your Sender ID*

Set the Sender ID so of your messages that will display when received on the handset when the message is delivered. *This feature is network dependent.

How do I set Sender ID?

Receive SMS

Receive inbound SMSs for free. Rent two way numbers so that people can respond to your messages or rent standard or premium rated short codes for competitions, fund-raising or selling content.

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Unicode SMS

Send SMS in languages like Greek, Arabic, Russian, Japanese and more with unicode script support.

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