Inbound (MO) Messages that are sent to your account will always be free. Whether people are replying to your SMS campaigns or sending SMSs to short codes on your account, you wont be charged for them.


Message Inbox

All Inbound (MO) Messages are stored in your account Inbox. You can view the messages in the Inbox or export them for further processing in other apps.

Short codes

Rent standard or premium rate short codes for your Panacea Account and and receive all SMSs sent to those in your account Inbox.

Short code Pricing and Availability

Inbound Message Forwarding

Instantly push inbound messages that come into your Panacea Account onto your app. Just use the Inbound SMS Forwarding tool to paste in the URL you want the messages sent to.

How can I forward SMSs to my app?

Automatic opt-outs

All replies that contain ‘STOP’ will automatically be added to your account blocklist and they will no longer receive messages from your account.