Our high-speed batch processor is capable of creating and sending large SMS campaigns from common data files like CSV, Excel and TXT. Just upload one of these files, select the number column and the message column (or compose your own message) and send!  You can even compress (zip) large files to upload them faster.

Schedule Sends

Schedule batches to be sent at any time and pick the perfect moment to contact your audience. All international timezones are supported so you can set your account time to correspond with your local time and then schedule Batch Campaigns accordingly.

How to schedule a Batch Campaign?

Set Sender ID*

Set the Sender ID of your Batch Campaign so that your chosen text or number is displayed on the handset when the message is delivered. * This feature is network dependent though.

How can I set my Sender ID?

Remove Duplicates

Choose to have duplicate numbers automatically removed from your Batch file before sending. Previously opted-out numbers will also be removed from your batch before sending.

Track Delivery

Watch your Batch SMS Campaign deliver in real-time. See message deliveries and failures. Results can also be sent back to your app if you use the API.

Download Results

Export all, successful or failed messages from your Batch SMS campaigns. This allows you to further process the data in other applications.


Send out Batch SMS campaigns through our HTTP API.

How to connect via HTTP