HLR Gateway

Benefits Of An HLR Gateway

The main benefit of using an HLR Gateway is one of cost. It is far cheaper to initiate an HLR lookup than it is to send a text message to someone who never receives it. It also greatly simplifies payment and billing procedures by reducing the number of errors triggered by customers with inactive or invalid numbers, but who are still in your database.


There are other significant benefits too, including:


  • Keeping databases up to date improves the effectiveness – in terms of both cost and reach – of targeted SMS marketing campaigns.
  • Provides subscribers with better service while they’re on roaming.
  • Determining a customer’s home network helps you optimise routing of SMS, voice and VoIP calls.
  • Enables better and broader service coverage, improving revenue margins.
  • Helps troubleshoot SMS delivery issues.
  • Increases the accuracy of network billing by identifying the network to which a cellphone number currently belongs.
  • Differentiates between phones that are simply switched off temporarily, numbers experiencing a short-term problem and those are actually invalid.
  • Find out why an SMS wasn’t delivered.



Check if a number is currently active, absent or unknown on a mobile network.


Check the MCC and MNC numbers of a mobile number to see if a it has been ported to another network.