Inbound SMS Forwarding

You are able to automatically forward all or some of your inbound traffic to the channels we offer. Either HTTP, SMPP or Inbound Triggers

To set this automatic forwarding up simply log into your account and click on the Tools tab, then select the Inbound SMS Forwarding option from the left side of the page.


You will be able to select all the inbound numbers attached to your account from the drop menu pictured in the screen above. You can then click on the Edit button to select the channel you wish to use. If you want to forward all inbound messages simply Edit the Default number.


You will now be able to select your desired channel from the drop menu. If you select HTTP you will need to enter in the HTTP URL you would like to call.


If you want the inbound messages to be processed by a trigger you must set the delivery product to Inbound Trigger.