SMPP Server (v3.4)


Enable customers to connect to the Panacea Platform using a fully compliant SMPP v3.4 interface.

  • Supports all message directions, SMS-MT, SMS-MO, DLRs (transparently, with own Msg IDs) using all SMPP PDUs.
  • Supports even query_sm, replace_sm and delete_sm PDUs.
  • Session timeout handling like any major vendor SMSC.
  • Billing/account can be done via postpaid CDR records or prepaid via credit deduction inside mysql, oracle or sqlite3 database.
  • Routing and/or accounting can be performed outside of the SMPP Server via HTTP callbacks.
  • Kannel style config file and status page, fits generically into Kannel instance, also for monitoring purposes.

  • Remote authentication and routing/logging/billing support, to minimize the config file change needs in production.
  • No licence based throughput limitation, run as many SMS/sec. as needed.
  • A modularized plugin API that allows you to call further logic while SMPP PDUs are processed, i.e. a SPAM plugin that denies specific MTs depending on matched regular expression (regex) patterns of PDU elements, or a “extra HTTP remote” logging plugin.
  • The plugin API is public and you can compile your own SMPP Server plugin DSO (dynamic shared object) files into the runtime core of SMPP Server to perform own logic inside.

SMPP Server module for Panacea Platform

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