USSD Gateway

Create and deploy USSD campaigns, Surveys and services from your Dashboard.

USSD Features

USSD Works On All Phones

Any mobile phone can dial a USSD string, making it one of the most accessible interactive channels in the market.

Instant Setup

Choose your own standard, premium or zero rated USSD string and take your campaign online instantly.

USSD Proxy Campaigns

When a user dials your USSD string we can call your server for plain text to display as well as send back user responses.

USSD Availability

USSD is currently only available for South Africa. More African regions coming soon.

Build USSD Campaigns

Build your own USSD survey, competition, info portal or any other campaign right from your Panacea Mobile Dashboard.

USSD Save Responses

All USSD user responses are saved in the session and can even be presented back to the user in their session.

USSD Flexible Billing

Choose from a standard, premium rated or reverse billed USSD string for your campaign or service.

Built on USSD APIs

The USSD service is built entirely on APIs, allowing your application to integrate with any part of the service.

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Signup in 30 seconds and get a free USSD sub-string with 500 sessions per month.

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USSD Products


Standard Rate

End users are billed 20c per 20 seconds. Your account is billed at the Standard USSD Rate price per session below. Maximum session length is 3 minutes.


Premium Rated

End users are billed at a premium rate per 20 seconds. Your account earns revenue based on what rate band string you are using. Maximum session time is 3 minutes.

Zero Rated

End users are not billed when dialling the USSD string. Your account is billed at 20c per 20 seconds plus the Session price as per below.

USSD Pricing

Free USSD Plan

Sign up now and get one free USSD sub-string with 500 free sessions per month to build and test your USSD project. After 500 sessions, standard rate session pricing applies.

String Type Example
USSD Sub-String *120*912*71#

USSD Strings

Instantly set up Standard Rate, Premium Rate and Zero Rated (reverse billed) USSD strings from your account.

String Type Example Amount Frequency
Dedicated USSD String *120*912# R 850 Monthly
USSD Sub-String *120*912*1# R 250 Once-off

USSD Sessions

Standard Rate Sessions

Sessions per month Price per USSD session
0 – 10,000 R 0.10
10,001 – 50,000 R 0.09
50,000 – 100,000 R 0.08
Over 100,000 Contact us