Panacea Platform

Unified Communications

A central cloud-based platform for SMS, USSD and Push. Manage customer accounts and service gateways all from one place.


Create pre-paid or post-paid accounts in any currency. Bill accurate currency amounts for messages, no ‘message credits’. Accept payments using PayPal, credit cards or other payment gateways.

Access Control

Create tailored admin user access profiles for different staff departments like operations, support and finance. All admin user actions are logged and searchable.

Highly Configurable

Countries, currencies, networks and prefixes can all be created, modified or deleted as required.

Industry Leading Performance

The Panacea Platform is trusted by mobile networks, banks and aggregators to manage business critical SMS services.

Gateway Management

Connect to multiple SMS gateways and route network traffic based on priority, queue size or least cost. Import supplier coverage lists to automatically update pricing and coverage for accounts.


The Panacea Platform meets the stringent security requirements of several consumer and private banks.


Build, save and schedule highly customised reports using volume, delivery and cost data across accounts, gateways, countries, networks, currencies and more.

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Customer Dashboard

A web based dashboard for customers to manage their SMS, USSD and Push services.

Admin Portal

A portal for staff to manage accounts, gateways, profiles, billing and system operations.

panacea mobile admin section

Additional Modules

Extend the capability of the Panacea Platform with additional modules.

SMPP Server (version 3.4)

SMPP Server (version 3.4)

A fully compliant SMPP Server (version 3.4) that enables your customers to connect to the Panacea Platform using the worldwide SMPP protocol.


Full management of USSD gateways, strings and tariff & billing profiles. Customers can build their own USSD campaigns or integrate with their servers.
Push Notifications

Push Notifications

Intelligently reroute SMSes to push notifications on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. Native SDKs enable quick integration.