Panacea Platform

The Panacea Platform is the foundation of Panacea Mobile’s aggregation technology.

A central management platform for customer accounts, SMS gateways, routing & billing, payments and detailed reporting.

Additional Modules

Provide additional mobile communication services to your customers.

SMPP Server

A fully compliant SMPP Server (version 3.4) that enables your customers to connect to the Panacea Platform using the worldwide SMPP protocol.


Full management of USSD gateways, strings and tariff & billing profiles. Customers can build their own USSD campaigns or integrate with their servers.

Push Box

Intelligently reroute SMSes to push notifications on iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. Native SDKs enable quick integration.


Perform real-time transactional or bulk HLR lookups and make intelligent routing decisions based on results.