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Revenue & Costs


To access your USSD reports, log in to your dashboard and navigate to Reports > USSD. This will take you to the USSD Reports Overview page.


This page contains all the basic report information for the selected string. This information includes:

  • Sessions: This displays the total number of sessions for the string.
  • Impressions: This displays the total number of nodes served during the sessions.
  • Responses: This is the total number of user responses for the sessions.
  • Duration: This is the total duration for all the sessions.

You can select which campaigns you want to view reports for from the campaign drop down on this page. You can also use the date picker to change the reporting period.


You can export information from this page by clicking on the yellow Export button on the upper right hand side of the screen to export a .csv file that contains the following information:



The next page in the reports tab is the Sessions page.


As you can see information for each specific session is displayed.

  • Created – The date and time that the session was initiated.
  • Network – The network of the user that initiated the session.
  • Mobile Number – The mobile number that initiated the session.
  • Duration – The duration of the session.
  • Cost –  The cost that your account is charged when a user initiates a session. Note that the user will also be charged by the network based on the rate band of your USSD string.
  • Revenue – Premium rate USSD strings allow you to earn revenue when users initiate sessions. The networks bill users at a higher rate for sessions on a premium rate string and pay out a portion of this additional amount to you, allowing you to earn revenue and make a profit.
  • Actions – This allows you to view more detail about the session.

To view more detail about a session you can click on the View Session button.


This will then present you with the following screen.


This screen displays the nodes that the user was served as well as their responses. To close this screen you can click on the or the Close button.

The yellow Export button will provide you with the following options to export session data.


Each option will download a .csv file with the chosen data to your computer.


The next page within the USSD reports is the Nodes page. It displays data that relates to each node in the selected campaign.


All the nodes are listed with the amount of impressions and responses. You are also able to download the responses for each specific node by selecting the download responses option.


This will download a .csv file that contains the following data.


Revenue & Costs

This is where you are able to view the Revenue earned and the costs incurred for each network in the selected date range. If you are using a free string there will be now revenue or costs incurred.


As with most of the pages under reports, you are able to select the required date-range and export the data to a .csv file.