Creating and managing Account Default Settings

You are able to setup the default settings that can be used when creating accounts. This is a simple way of reducing the time needed to setup accounts on the Panacea Platform.

To do this you will need to navigate to Accounts > Accounts in the menu on the left side of the screen.


From here you will then need to select User Defaults from the drop down menu.


You can then create a new Account Default by clicking on the New Default button in the right hand corned of the page. This will present you with the following options most of which can be found when editing an Account.


  • Default Name. This is the name that will be used to reference this default.
  • Is Default. Select this option to apply these settings to all new accounts created.
  • Email. This is the email address that will be added to all account’s using this default. Make sure you set this to someone from within your company preferably an account manager.
  • Currency. The currency that will be applied to accounts using this default.
  • Parent User. Set this to an Account to create all accounts using this default as sub accounts of the value specified.
  • User Status. This specifies the default status’ applied to the accounts.
  • Country. This specifies the default country
  • Default Prefix. This is the default international dialling prefix added to all numbers that start with a zero (0). For example 0834129638 in the above setting will be 27831234567.
  • Product Status. This sets the delivery protocol this account can use. HTTP or SMPP.


  • Balance Threshold.
  • Timezone.  This allows you to set the timezone of the user. This will affect report generation the dates and times will be calculated using this setting.
  • Default SMSC. This option forces the account to use a specified SMSC. Set this option to “NO DEFAULT” to allow profiles to control this.
  • Default SMSC Cost. This allows you to set the cost of the default SMSC. Leave this option on “0.000″ to allow profiles to control this.
  • Log Level. This allows you to set the logging level for the account. Leave on “Default” for standard accounts.
  • Default SMPP Charset. This allows you to set the encoding of the charset used for SMPP. Leave this set to “GSM-03.38″ for standard accounts.
  • SMPP Max Instances. This sets the maximum SMPP binds that can be made on this account. The default is “2″, one for an RX bind and one for a TX bind.
  • HLR Gateway. This allows you to set the default gateway to be used for HLR lookups on this account.
  • HLR Gateway Charge. This is the default cost for the HLR gateway.

Once you are happy with the settings you can save them by clicking on the Submit button.

Please remember to always flush the required services after making changes on the Panacea Platform