Managing Payments

You are able manage all the payments and transactions for a specific account on the system. To do this you will need to navigate to Accounts > Accounts on the menu.


To add a transaction to an account you will then need to search for the account using the Search tool and then you will need to select the Add Transaction option from the drop-down menu next to the account name.


This will then take you to the Add User Transaction page.


From here you will need to enter the following information.

  • Description. This is the description of the transaction and can be used to identify it.
  • Amount. This is the amount of credits that will be added to the account. This will always be done in the currency the account is set to.

Once you are happy with the credit allocation you can click on the Submit button to apply it. If you wish to subtract credits from an account you can simply follow the above steps but change the amount to a negative value.

The account will now have the credits allocated to it which can be found listed under Balance.


Should you wish to view a list of pending and approved payments for this account you will need to select the View Transactions option from the drop-down menu.


This will then list all transactions for this account.

06From here you will be able to view all transactions and approve pending payments.