This page will contain all our Terminology

Proposed New Terminology
  • Dashboard – The customer frontend where SMS and USSD campaigns are managed.
  • Admin Portal – The admin backend where accounts are configured etc.
  • Accounts – Previously referred to as Users. These will be the accounts that the various service profiles (SMS, USSD, Push etc) are applied to.
  • Customer Profiles – Previously routing profiles. These profiles will determine what gateways are used and what the customer will be billed.
  • SMS Gateways – Wherever possible please refer to it as an ‘SMS Gateway’ with customers and in the user interface, instead of an SMSC. The SMSC term must be reserved only for technical instances where it is required.
  • Admin Users – previously System Users.
  • Access Profiles – previously System Roles.
  • Access Permissions – previously System Permissions.
  • Credit – Previously known as ‘Transactions’ on the backend.
  • Balance – Previously known as Credit on the frontend.
  • Revenue – Previously known as Wallet on the frontend.