Creating and Managing SMS Blocklists

You are able to manage blocked numbers on the Panacea Platform via the accounts themselves or via Blocked Lists. To create a new blocked list you will need to navigate to SMS > Blocked Numbers > Global Lists on the left hand menu.


This will take you to the block list page.


You can now create a new list by clicking on the New Blocked List button. This will take you to the following screen.


From here you will need to enter the following information.

  • Name. This is the name of the new blocked list.
  • Is Enabled. This will either enable or disable the blocked list.
  • Is Default. If this is enabled this will apply the blocked list to all new accounts created by default.
  • User. This is the list of users you have on the Panacea Platform. You can select which users you want to be filtered against this blocked list from here.

Once you are happy with the settings you can proceed by clicking on the Save button.


From here you will be asked to import blocked numbers into the list. Simply navigate to the list on your hard drive and choose the correct prefix. Once done you can click on the Import button.


You will then be presented with the following details of the import and creation process. You can go back to the global lists by clicking on the List Blocked Lists button.

You are able to manage any list using the drop-down menu next to each of the lists.


You are also able to search for a number and manage it using the Search function on the page and the drop-down menu next to the result.

07You are able to add a single number into any blocked list on the Panacea Platform by selecting the Add a Single Number option from the lists page.


This will present you with the following options.


  • Number. This is the number you wish to block.
  • Block Lists. This will list all the blocked lists on the Panacea Platform and you can select which ones you want to add the number to from here.

Once you are done you can click on the Add button.

Please remember to always flush the required services after making changes on the Panacea Platform