Creating and managing Communications

You are able to manage the different communications that are sent out from the Panacea Platform. These communications can range from email notifications for completed registrations to SMSes containing activation codes and everything in between. To access the Panacea Platform communications you will need to navigate to System > Configuration > Communications on the left hand menu.


This will take you to the communications page which will list any communications that you have setup.


To create a new communication you will need to click on the New Communication button in the upper right hand corner of the page.


You will now be able to start adding in the communication by entering the following settings.

  • Event. This is the type of communication that you would like to send. Please select the appropriate one from this drop-down menu.
  • Communication type. From here you can select the channel that will be used for the communication. Either email or SMS.

You will need to click on the Submit button to continue with the setup.


You will need to fill out the following details to complete the communication setup.

  • Destination. This specifies if the communication is going to be for an Admin User or for an Account.
  • Subject. This will be the subject of the email if that is the chosen communication channel.
  • Layout. This is the default layout of the communication.
  • HTML Content. This will be labeled as “Content” for the SMS communications. This is where you are able to enter the text of the content. There are macro’s available for use that will enable you to personalise each message sent and to include things like activation codes. These macros are listed on the page and you are able to copy them to the clipboard by clicking on them.
  • Is Active. Selecting this box will set the communication to Active and will trigger it when needed.
  • Is Affiliate Communication. 
  • Send From. This is the “From” address of the communication. This is either an address for an email communication or a senderID for an SMS communication.

When you are happy with the settings you can save the communication by clicking on the Submit button.