How SMS Gateways and Customer Engagement Go Hand-in-Hand

Panacea - SMS Gateways and Customer Engagement

How SMS Gateways and Customer Engagement Go Hand-in-Hand

Undoubtedly, businesses of all sizes are feeling the impact of a messy global economy and increased local competition. This makes the battle for customer engagement a fierce one, and the winners are those forward-thinking companies using all the tools at their disposal, including SMS gateways.

If you’re one of the many who think that SMS communication is a thing of the past and are looking into more exciting multimedia options, we invite you to think again. There are some pretty solid reasons why businesses are still using the simple, humble SMS to increase customer engagement, sales, and brand awareness.

Let’s start at the beginning.

What Is an SMS Gateway?

SMS gateways are a simple, cost-effective way to communicate with hundreds or thousands of customers. It is a service that enables businesses to send and receive text messages from a user-friendly platform to customers. The platform takes text messages and converts them into data that can be used on an enterprise backend or database. Some companies use SMS gateways to send coupons to customers, while others use them for customer support issues.

SMS gateways allow you to craft personalised messages to your valued customers, despite the fact that you may be sending out thousands of SMSs.

Boosting Customer Engagement With SMS Gateways

Customer engagement is the key to any business’s success. With a rising number of customers using their mobile devices as an integral part of their daily lives, businesses have to find new ways to engage with them. (Well, in this case, it isn’t new at all – but it can be innovative.)

Multiple Uses

An SMS gateway can be used to send alerts, reminders, special offers, and other information related to your brand. You can also provide valuable information about your products or services in real-time with little effort on your end and at a surprisingly low cost, considering the reach. Add to this marketing, customer service and business operations communications and you begin to see their value.

Targeted Marketing

An SMS gateway allows you access to data about the people who receive your communication, provided you’ve followed proper procedures. This means that your company can see which individuals have opened which campaigns and respond accordingly with targeted campaigns focused on their interests or needs. (As opposed to simply sending generic advertisements based on gender/age demographics only.)

Secure Systems

Keep your customers safe with OTPs or two-factor authentication via SMS. In today’s crime-riddled world, this is a critical part of customer service for any industry. These security layers are easily managed on your SMS gateway.

Meaningful Communication

Improve your service with meaningful communication with your customers by offering them a platform to provide feedback. We know that customer service is as much about listening and acting on our clients’ needs as it is about sending them important messages.

Reach All The People

One of the key benefits of communicating with customers via SMS is that you can reach all phone types; your messages aren’t limited to smartphone users. Access to Wi-Fi or data isn’t an obstacle for businesses that utilise text messaging.

Why Focus on SMS in Customer Experience?

Businesses compete on three main playing fields; price, quality and convenience. With the margins between these factors becoming increasingly slim, adding the fourth essential element of brilliant customer experience may be just what you need to tip the balance in your favour.

Did you know?

  1. 78% of customers prefer omnichannel communication, which means you need to be available where they are. This includes platforms such as social channels, WhatsApp, and – yes – SMS. (Source)
  2. 49% of customers who have enjoyed personalised experiences from a business have made additional unplanned purchases. (Source)
  3. 51% of consumers are more likely to make a direct purchase if they receive an SMS message that includes an ad, discount coupon, or QR code. (Source)
  4. A study showed that coupons sent via SMS are redeemed ten times more often. (Source)


SMS gateways are the perfect way to increase your brand’s exposure and engagement with customers. They allow you to send or receive messages from mobile phones, so your business can reach out to a huge audience of potential clients. In addition, you can use SMS gateways as an integral part of your marketing campaigns by sending automated text messages that include special offers or coupons at specific times.

If your plan is to grow your business this coming year, then we invite you to explore the SMS gateway through Panacea Mobile and get in touch with our team.